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There are times when companies may find themselves at a point where the best description of their need is that they have to "turn the company around" because it is going in totally the wrong direction. TMOG will provide well-honed and proven expertise and assistance in turning around floundering manufacturing businesses or plants.

Key Activities

  • Assessment of critical success factors
  • Evaluate needed skill sets for successful change management
  • Implement, execute recovery plan

Key Benefits

  • Provides extensive, real world experience - three highly successful operational turnarounds in durable goods manufacturing
  • Faster identification and assessment of the critical factors necessary to achieve the improvements required
  • Provides objective, “outsider” viewpoints and new perspectives in the all-important assessment of “what’s wrong” and the equally important “how do we quickly and permanently fix it?”
  • Demonstrated ability and sense of urgency to assist in the successful implementation of the changes needed
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