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TMOG will assist in developing strategic direction, mission, vision, and a point-of-differentiation for the business. Assist in developing annual operating plans and budgets, goals and objectives, and metrics used to monitor progress and stay on-track.

Key Activities

  • Assessment of mission and vision
  • Assessment of current strategic plan and strategic position
  • Gap analysis for as-is versus should-be

Key Benefits

  • Brings to bear proven experience in identifying opportunities and implementing world class manufacturing (based on stakeholder involvement, competing on the basis of time, high levels of quality, and a culture of continuous improvement)
  • Provides experience gained in successful planning in several different manufacturing businesses in several industries (i.e., utilizes lessons learned from other companies and industries to apply to the client’s needs)
  • Specific expertise in mergers/acquisitions/integration, divestitures, increasing capacity, start-ups, shutdowns/closures, downsizing, relocating facilities, outsourcing, quality improvement, overhead/cost reduction, productivity improvements, increased innovation, improved new product development, and project/implementation management
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