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The Manufacturing Optimization Group provides an intense "hands-on" approach to working with your operations team to set and achieve your optimization goals. A brief overview of our major services is given below. Click each service button to the left for additional details on our services.

Interim Staffing and/or Crisis Management

Provide proven, effective executive talent to temporarily augment existing management or fill in for shortages in key management roles

Turnaround Assistance

Provide well-honed and proven expertise and assistance in turning around floundering manufacturing businesses or plants.

Business Assessments

Provide objective analysis of and perspectives on the strengths and weaknesses of the business model, the organization, processes, procedures, staff, corporate climate, and corporate culture.

Strategic and Operational Planning and Execution

Assist in developing strategic direction, mission, vision, and a point-of-differentiation for the business. Assist in developing annual operating plans and budgets, goals and objectives, and metrics used to monitor progress and stay on-track.

Creative Problem Solving

Bring an objective, structured but creative methodology and discipline to the problem solving table.

Management Coaching and Training

Assess existing style and capabilities and provide valuable perspectives, insights, methods, and tools to the management team to enhance performance.

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