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The Manufacturing Optimization Group, Inc. Web site

TMOG unveiled its initial web site today.

7/27/2004 -- LaVerne, California

James Shearer, CEO of The Manufacturing Optimization Group, a California Corporation, announced today that the corporate web site is now available. "It's still in the construction stage at this point," cautioned Mr. Shearer, "but it is providing our clients with a contact point for our new corporation."

"When we contracted with dbkAssociates for a turnkey business presence, the initial web site was offered as part of that package," he continued. "We look forward to growing the content on our site and providing useful information to our clients."

Visit the web site at: or contact the company at the address below.

For More Information about TMOG Contact:

The Manufacturing Optimization Group
P.O. Box 7038; La Verne, CA; 91750
Tel: 909-596-9477
FAX: 909-596-9483

For More Information about dbkAssociates, Inc. Contact:

dbkAssociates, Inc.

17310 Red Hill Ave.

Suite 140

Irvine, CA 92614-5635



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