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The Manufacturing Optimization Group, Inc. formed.

Southern California Executive establishes a new consulting firm focused on optimization of manufacturing processes.

7/18/2004 -- LaVerne, California

Mr. James Shearer announced the formation of The Manufacturing Optimization Group (TMOG) which will be focused on assisting small to mid-size enterprises optimize their manufacturing operations. "Today," said Mr. Shearer from his office in LaVerne, California, "we engaged dbkAssociates, Inc. to provide our business presence. With their help, The Manufacturing Optimization Group is now a California Corporation and ready for business."

Mr. Shearer stated that his corporation is a consulting firm specializing in assisting small-to-medium sized manufacturing organizations achieve optimum operational and business performance. It does so by providing focused, responsive assistance in all functional areas of durable goods manufacturing.

Services include interim and/or crisis management; assessments of organization, business model, processes, procedures, staff, climate, and culture; operational and strategic planning; cost reductions; and staff and management coaching and training.

For More Information Contact:

The Manufacturing Optimization Group
P.O. Box 7038; La Verne, CA; 91750
Tel: 909-596-9477
FAX: 909-596-9483

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