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The information in these case studies are accurate in substance and context. Only the companiesí names have been changed to protect the identity of the actual companies.

  • Case Study - 3DOX Manufacturing Corporation

3DOX Manufacturing Corporation (3DOX), a durable goods manufacturer, was acquired by Dietz-tec Industries (Dietz-tec), a larger manufacturing corporation in a closely related industry. The acquisition strategy was for 3DOXís product lines to compliment Dietz-tecís product lines, to leverage synergies in sales and marketing, and to offer strength in distribution channels where 3DOX was well-established but where Dietz-tec was weak. (Read the whole case study.)

  • Case Study - A delivery catastrophe resolved

LUDVON Industries (LUDVON), a durable goods manufacturing company, was alienating customers and losing market share due to deplorable delivery performance. Significant & immediate improvement was required. (Read the whole case study.)

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