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From time to time, we will publish articles of use to our clients. You will be able to use them as needed, and we ask only that you give attribution as appropriate in honoring our copyright.

  • The Advantage of Open, Honest Communications with Employees, By James Shearer.

A fail-proof, no-cost way to increase productivity in a business enterprise is to widely share information about the business with employees. This information includes profitability, market share, business plans, operational results, and even strategic direction. It also includes bad news as well as good news. (Read the whole article)

  • Competing on the Basis of Time, By James Shearer

Name a manufacturing industry, a service industry, or a competitive sporting event where speed or time isn’t a major factor in success! Without thinking about it, quickly name just one. While there actually are a few, they are certainly not all that common. (Read the whole article)

  • Owners, Presidents, General Managers – START YOUR ENGINES! By James Shearer

Running a small-to-medium sized manufacturing business can be analogous to competitively racing a high performance automobile. The driver needs continuous, instantaneous feedback on how the car is performing to increase the likelihood of winning the race on the track. (Read the whole article)

  • A Simplified Approach to Solving Problems, By James Shearer

In today’s highly competitive business climate, what leader wouldn’t want a simple but effective approach to solving problems in his/her toolbox? Fortunately, a disciplined but simplified approach does exist that can help to quickly and permanently solve business problems. The approach, outlined in this document, will give the general manager or business leader a 9-step checklist to help ensure timely and effective solutions are developed and implemented. (Read the whole article)

  • A Simplified, Effective Approach to Strategic Planning, By James Shearer

Strategic planning can be defined as a well-considered description of what leadership wants the company to be in the long term and the series of actions necessary to get there. The concept of strategic planning as a business process, while comfortable for many business leaders, can send chills down the spines of others. This is because strategic planning may have an unwarranted reputation, in the mind of the leader, for being overly complex, impractical, a purely academic exercise, and, ultimately, a waste of time. (Read the whole article)

  • World Class Manufacturing is NOT just for the Big Guys!, By James Shearer

 The term “world class manufacturing” (WCM) is frequently bantered about and is often used to describe a company that has achieved a perceived, but largely undefined, level of performance. If WCM is undefined, why even think about, discuss, or seek to become world class? By inference, the term means to be truly excellent at the operational aspects of manufacturing. In today’s highly competitive, global marketplace, few would argue that being truly excellent is not only a desirable trait but increasingly a requirement to survive and prosper, even for a small-to-midsized manufacturer. (Read the whole article)


  • Outsourcing - Panacea, Dirty Word, or Viable Option? By James Shearer

Outsourcing – a controversial word and one increasingly in the news. The very mention of the word can cause an emotional response. On one end of the spectrum, the emotions can elicit a very strong belief in the right for any business to behave in its own enlightened self-interest. On the other end there can be equally strong beliefs that exporting jobs and technology may not be in the best interest of our country, our economy, or perhaps even our value system. (Read the whole article.)

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